Selling the GW tax snake oil


Detroit – While Washington Democrats try and sell the fiction that Obamacare is a key to economic recovery, their green allies are also trying to market cap-and-trade as an economic stimulus. Essential to passing cap-and-trade in the Senate is capturing Midwestern industrial-state senators, and the marketing campaign is in full swing out here in Michigan.

In ads running across local television and radio, the Goracle-founded Climate Protection Action Fund is determined to paint lipstick on the global-warming tax pig. First priority: Don’t mention that fighting global warming will require any sacrifice. In fact, don’t mention global warming at all (the subject doesn’t even show up on a list of voter concerns in polls at a time when Michigan is setting record lows for summer temps and unemployment hovers at 15 percent).

“This is all part of rebuilding Michigan and rebuilding America,” says the ad’s narrator. “Congress is considering plans for America’s clean energy future that will jumpstart our economy, reduce carbon pollution and break our dependence on foreign oil. A recent study shows a clean-energy plan would save Michigan families an average of $810 per year on their energy bills. And investing in our clean energy economy will create more than 53,500 jobs for Michigan workers.”

Never mind who published these studies (they come from the same green groups that support a global-warming tax). Never mind that the tax hits coal-fired utilities the hardest, which has nothing to do with importing oil. The green movement now wants Americans to believe that reducing emissions is all about economic growth!


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