Kerry Didn’t Get the Memo


I see Greg noted how Sen. John Kerry was unable to resist his instincts, issuing a Kerry-gram retort to Sarah Palin’s criticism of cap-and-trade. It is a bit of a non sequitur, this insistence that “acting” is imperative, given that no one says cap-and-trade (or the U.S.) could under any scenario “act” to detectably impact the climate — even accepting every alarmist assumption. Still, as you can see in the excerpt below, Kerry appeals to military authority as proof that he’s right. Boy, is he in for an earful from the global-warming industry!

Umm, Senator . . . I’m sorry but . . . haven’t you heard? You have to be a scientist to be at all relevant to the discussion. Or did you miss the expose by Cal Tech physics grad and MIT Ph.D. economist, EPA whistleblower Alan Carlin, being dismissed as not the product of a climate scientist? He’s “just an economist,” like – as we never tire of pointing out here – the UN IPCC’s “chief climate scientist,” economist Rajendra Pachauri.

So, with all due respect, please report for duty somewhere else. With Drs. Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Keanu Reeves . . .


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