I Thought Todd Purdum Left the NYT


Yesterday, the lead story in the Washington Times addressed the G-8’s “climate” discussions with a couple of quotes from me, including:

“Europeans and Democrats suddenly find themselves rushing to lecture one another and the press that an administration is limited by what Congress is willing to do. Quite refreshing awareness, on the heels of a decade of ignoring unanimous Senate instruction to Clinton to not agree to Kyoto, because they needed a totem — Kyoto — in their anti-Bush struggle”

As if to defiantly reaffirm its in-the-tank status, the New York Times dutifully struts forth today with an editorial, “A lesson on warming,” which opens:

President Obama had hoped to emerge from this week’s Group of 8 summit meeting in Italy with a tentative agreement uniting rich and developing nations in a common fight against global warming. Instead he got a lesson on how divided the world remains on the issue — and how hard he will have to work to pull off an agreement. (emphasis added)

Ah, yes. You may recall how for years the NYT’s global-warming narrative was George W. Bush is standing in the world’s way. The American Left promoted this meme gleefully, followed by the continent’s sizable anti-American contingent and others seeking a distraction from their own woes, foibles, and ineptitudes. Bush did it!

Today, with no Bush to blame, well, let’s just quietly say that the earnest Obama is finding the world in his way.

Sooo . . . in addition to “no time to debate!” because they are so right and all those skeptics are so wrong — and with so many people conspiring against them on instructions from Big Oil (pant, pant) — these people also have the world against them. Maybe those Team McCain sources who were once so busy diagnosing Sarah Palin could spare their well-thumbed DSM so we could diagnose this.


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