It’s True if I Say It Twice, You Liars


President Obama has already been outed all over the place for his habit of signalling what he’s going to do by vowing the opposite of it, far beyond the rhetorical flourishes of his predecessors (even Clinton).

It seems he has another, if very similar and complementary habit. Today, a WSJ opinion piece reminds us of The One’s habit of claiming that those who speak of the risks, downsides, or costs of his plans, well, they’re lying. The Journal editorialist describes how Obama is employing this in his push for a government takeover of health care — though he also just took the slur out for a spin before and after the House vote on cap-and-trade energy rationing.

As with the tiresome “there are those who say” strawmen when no one actually says such things, and his ploy of painting claims with the implicit veneer of absolute truth with the preface of ”as I’ve said before” — strangely believing that this second-sources his claim — it seems hard to believe that this sort of formulaic and even playground-style nattering can pass muster with the public for more than a couple of years, tops.

The media generally are not fools, they are simply ideological counterparts of the man. I sense the public will be on to these practices which do not represent change, but a deeper commitment to what the public dislikes about politics, well before the press allows it into their narrative. But it’s so content-free and getting so ritual that maybe we should watch for the first fissure in their ranks.


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