Global-Government Control of Oil Prices


So say President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Brown in today’s WSJ, via the Web Briefing. An excerpt:

We therefore call upon the International Organization of Securities Regulators to consider improving transparency and supervision of the oil futures markets in order to reduce damaging speculation. This would serve the interests of orderly and adequate investment in future supplies, since volatility and opacity are the enemies of growth. Climate change is also altering government attitudes to energy.

The world’s economy is still reliant on secure supplies of oil at prices that are not so high as to destroy the prospects of economic growth, but not so low as to lead to a slump in investment, as happened in the 1990s.

It is a thorny issue, but complex markets need not be volatile or damaging to the wider global economy. We are convinced that producers and consumers alike would benefit from greater transparency, greater stability and greater consensus on the market fundamentals. After two years of destructive price volatility, the time has come for both sides to work together to build on our common interest.


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