Killing Coal


Detroit, Mich. – From California (see Rep. McClintock below) to Michigan, the Green Church is slowly, silently strangling cheap electricity generation in the U.S.

Under pressure from Greens, Northern Michigan University this week canceled its permit to build a 10-megawatt coal-fired power plant at its Marquette campus. The planned cogeneration plant received its permit over a year ago but construction was on hold thanks to a lawsuit by the anti-coal Sierra Club of Michigan.

NMU’s decision was aided by assurances that the U.S. taxpayer will be footing the bill for the university to switch its fuel source to wood. Under Obama’s stimulus bill, biomass alternatives are targeted for federal funding even though wood is three to four times the cost of coal per kWh and produces about half the BTUs per pound.

NMU’s news comes on the heels of Michigan utility LS Power’s announcement that it was suspending plans to build a new 750-MW coal plant in Midland. That facility has been under attack from uber-Green governor Jennifer Granholm, who has asked that all new coal plant permits be reviewed (code for killed) by the state.

That leaves two more new coal plants in jeopardy — Consumer Energy’s 930-MW coal-fired power plant in Bay City, and Wolverine Power Supply’s 600-MW coal plant in Rogers City.

These utilities’ are optimistically assuming that Michigan’s economy will rebound in the next decade and need cheap electricity to meet demand. The governor, on the other hand, wants to guarantee higher energy prices so those jobs never come back.


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