Prius in the News


Hilarious. Prius is ditching its innovative “collapsible fuel bladder” for a traditional fuel tank, but the reason might surprise you. It surprised me, at least:

The new 2010 Prius — the third generation of the groundbreaking gas-electric hybrid — will use a rigid tank made of a lightweight resin rather than the bladder.

“The chief reason was because one of the sore points with the current-generation Prius” dealt with the fuel tank and gauge, Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong said.

The change is coming too late for Darlene Sharar, an engineering technician who lives in rural Washington and often drives in areas where gas stations are few and far between.

“In any other car I’ve owned, I know a tank of gas will get me ‘X’ number of miles,” said Sharar, adding that she often could pump no more than seven gallons of gas into her 2008 Prius, even when the fuel gauge was flashing “empty.”

“Instead of a range of 500 miles, I’ve got a range of 300 miles,” she said. (The Prius gets 46 miles per gallon in combined city-highway driving, according to government figures.)

If a Big Three automaker had this problem, we would have heard a much greater outcry from the MSM.


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