Appeasement in Our Time


“You were given the choice between war and dishonour . . . you chose dishonour and you will have war.”


In the cap-and-trade arena, we have further evidence — from London naturally — of what we will suffer if we succumb to this agenda of political vanity and pressure group activism: You were given the choice between cap-and-trade and a “carbon” tax . . . you chose cap-n-trade and you will have a “carbon” tax, too. Churchill’s aphorism continues to pertain.


Consider again Europe’s experience, for whom a carbon dioxide tax was Plan A, then scrapped as politically impossible, only now to be resurrected and under consideration on top of cap-and-trade in the wake of cap-and-trade’s failure to reduce emissions. This has been clear in Commission and Parliament records for more than a year. Today, Open Europe’s daily briefing includes the following from the UK’s Left-wing mag New Statesman:

New research: Europe’s ETS is “deeply flawed”


An article in the New Statesman by the Sunday Times’ Environment Editor, Jonathan Leake, looks at new research from Cambridge University, commissioned by the Government, which argues that “the current European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is deeply flawed and should be replaced – or ay [sic] least augmented – with a green tax.”


The research also argues that the ETS needs to provide more long-term price stability, saying “a market-based trading system such as the ETS is very unlikely to generate consistent high prices, and this instability could undermine the whole point of the scheme.”

Oh, and when that Member of Congress slickly tries to glide past your inquiry by saying you see, we’re going to avoid Europe’s problems with cap-and-trade, ask him to let Europe in on his secret. Because they have no idea how to avoid their problems. And neither does Congress.


Most PG readers, however, know how: get off the energy-rationing wagon — or at least just own up to an enormous, direct energy tax. Of course, that still leaves the problem that no computer model says you’ll change the temperature. But, hey, you can at least say you “did something.”


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