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These are too much. It seems that the global warming industry doesn’t think much of you, or your elected representatives, in these tough times.

First, get a load of this most recent effort to sell the public on more massive taxpayer expenditures for “renewable” projects, this time from Denmark, the land of everyone becoming millionaires from selling windmills to each other. Or, well, not so much really, but the land of throwing hundreds of millions in subsidies in the name of the oh-so-Euro fetish, having a “national champion” industry.

E&E Daily headline today:

“If you build it, tourists, politicians and the media will come.”

So, it may not provide the electricity needed for schools, hospitals . . . or making steel and plastics for more windmills — but what a tourist attraction!

Off the floor yet? Here’s the next story, from a rent-seeker of a very similar snout at the very same trough, the Chicago Climate Exchange, whose business is soooo booming — they really do use this argument — that it warrants a mandate making everyone participate:

CCX’s Sandor claims carbon market will save economy

Wait! Wait! There’s more! Next up:

Climate change to have role in U.N. peacekeeping efforts:

I’d try and convince you the next story was “Gore is penning ‘Inconvenient’ follow-up,” but that would strain credulity.


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