Spring Has Sprung


There’s a reason why I have been so quiet on the posting front, which is temporary relocation to living on an airplane, as happens this time of year. Gotta help the hemisphere warm up, and all that, you know. But returning home at midnight only to turn around 11 hours later at the same gate to head back out makes even seeing my wife and kids a rarity, let alone registering PG-type thoughts.

The past half-week’s travels have included a wonderful host family and audience in Los Angeles — great people including many from “the industry” interested in defending Western civilization, and willing to take time to fight L.A.’s stunning traffic to hear something new, for which I remain flattered. To see prospering “creative types” chewing over the real story on the global-warming industry and its agenda was a treat. Thanks to the American Freedom Alliance for bringing me out.

While there I did the radio show of old friend, former Reds hurler and now pitchman-for-God, Frank Pastore. He loves doing his homework on the global warming agenda, and is always looking for bite-size ammo for kids to take back to their schools.

I was awarded a prop for my talk: an L.A. Times story conjuring a flooded Los Angeles — seniors and the poor hit hardest, according to the paper (apparently, that’s who bought up all the beachfront property) — which was presented as a virtual certainty, only then to be couched in a subsequent haze of “could” and “may,” and how “if X then Y”: even though X was utterly implausible, Y was the focus. That was fun to read to the audience, pointing out some of the tricks to which we’ve all become accustomed.

Then came following terrific presenters like Tony Blankley at an industry gathering this past Monday in Texas. Then a Furman University talk sponsored by Young America’s Foundation. Furman is a hotbed of administration “sustainability” fetishism, some of whom I have been told harangued Dick Lindzen and CEI’s Fred Smith two years ago. They were nonetheless perfectly pleasant and complimentary about my presentation.

I’ve got UConn next — here’s to hoping this is contemporaneous with a potentially looming Huskies-Mizzou NCAA clash, so I can put my Tigers jersey to good use — then a debate at Colorado Christian, followed by townhall meetings with a Member, and a least one campus talk in Minnesota before making my way home again, finally, after another hectic, yet rewarding as always, few weeks of early Spring.


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