Re: Obama’s Teleprompter Strikes Again


Oh, man.  Barack Obama’s Telemprompter, who is blogging now fwiw, writes about Orion-gate:

I’m sure everyone in America has by now seen the gaffe from yesterday involving the Big Guy’s pronunciation of “Orion” in a critical speech about people turning green or something. Last night, Gibbsy and Rahm called an emergency meeting in the Situation Room, and the three of us sat down to work through exactly how to get Big O’s mojo back for speechifying.

Gibbsy suggested that we use a third screen for the speeches, one either in the podium or in front of the podium, so The Boss wouldn’t have to keep turning his head from side to side to read the screens. I’m a pro, but adding a third screen seems an over-reaction, like the time they made special teleprompter glasses out of a pair of those prank “x-ray glasses” for Big Boy to wear during a debate where electronic-communications aids were forbidden. That said, I’m hip to a threesome at some point in the White House, most Democrats are … except Hillary.

I suggested that maybe, instead of gimmicks and technology, The Boss should read the speeches before he goes out to give them. We had a good laugh over that suggestion, then turned back to more realistic options.


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