Prince Charles is a Quack


Odd that the Greens look at Prince Charles as some sort of visionary on global warming, yet on other aspects of his life he is widely ridiculed. Like this report on the BBC about his “detox” products:

Prince Charles has been accused of exploiting the public in times of hardship by launching what a leading scientist calls a “dodgy” detox mix.

Edzard Ernst, the UK’s first professor of complementary medicine, said the Duchy Originals herbal detox tincture was based on “outright quackery”.

There was no scientific evidence to show that detox products work, he said.

Launching the product in January, Duchy Originals’ herbalist said each mix had been meticulously researched.

Michael McIntyre added they were “manufactured to the highest standards after exhaustive lab testing”.

But Professor Ernst of Peninsula Medical School said Prince Charles and his advisers appeared to be deliberately ignoring science, preferring “to rely on ‘make-believe’ and superstition”.

He added: “Prince Charles thus financially exploits a gullible public in a time of financial hardship.”


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