Freedom Isn’t Free, and Cheap Virtue . . . Isn’t


While having a chance conversation with a senior legislator last night, the subject came up of companies that are willing to fight this massive energy tax grab in the name of global warming — as well as one in particular which has indicated to this person a desire to work out . . . an arrangement.


This prompted me to think about, and now pass along, some headlines from earlier days relevant to our conversation, and citing the response to the most recent spike in fuel costs which cap-n-trade is designed to greatly exacerbate, such as “Sky-High Fuel Hurts US Airlines” and “Fuel Costs Could ‘Devastate’ Airlines.”


Then there’s, “Delta Responds to Record-High Fuel Prices by Increasing Some Domestic and International Baggage Fees.”


Anyhow, it just doesn’t make sense for business to believe it can negotiate a settlement of something the aim of which is to severely harm and in many cases simply do away with them.


Hopefully our upcoming effort to educate the public on the top companies lobbying to increase energy taxes and costs — clearly having designed some scheme to pass costs through or, as has proven true in most cases, skim a profit from it — will also help educate some potential rent-seekers or other wobblies the virtue of thinking such things through.


The dramatic overreach by the Obama administration affirms to many of us that this is hardly a done deal, and industry should therefore bear in mind that cheap virtue on this is no more and, of course, trying to sell one’s support for a better deal under such a regime offers no free lunch.


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