About Those Tax Credits


Various media outlets are reporting today the Obama administration’s line that some portion (up to 20 percent) of the $300 billion annually to be raised by the global-warming tax (mandating then selling cap-and-trade ration coupons) “would go to tax credits for lower- and middle-income working families.”

Don’t forget what this largess represents. It is not aid to improve their lot from current conditions but instead, as Planet Gore readers recall, simply “compensation, through the issuance of a monthly rebate, for the loss in purchasing power resulting from” imposing the global-warming tax. It is an attempt to make some of those hardest hit by this price-hiking and job-killing measure closer to whole before imposition of the tax.

The transfer is a new entitlement and the global-warming tax, the largest hike in U.S. history, is in perpetuity,  requiring that government always proclaim that they are protecting you from climate catastrophe, as without that premise the revenue source for their social engineering is no more.

If opponents can’t beat back this giant misstep, I am at a loss as to what they can win in the fight to retain our way of life, a more successful system than any of those we seek to emulate with this new rush to a social-democratic state.


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