Cue Twilight Zone Theme


Just got this e-mail from someone up on the Hill, regarding John “Clearly NOT the ‘Science’ Guy” Holdren’s confirmation hearing as (of all things) chief science advisor to the president). I do think it’s fair to say we told you so on this one. Possibly Gore turned the job down?

[Louisiana senator David] Vitter got Holdren to admit (three times) that he thinks 1 billion people will die from Global Warming by 2020. Also hammered him on the population control issues. It was beautiful!

Wow. And that’s even well before the current cooling’s supposed to come to an end (Keenlyside 2008) and–just you wait–global warming finally shows us what for. Imagine if it really were still warming.

No word whether these happen to be the billion Americans that Nancy Pelosi says will lose their jobs in two months without the Porculus bill passed.


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