Science v. Science Fiction, a Brrrrief Review


Detroit, Mich. — For the past month in Washington, Detroit automakers have been rightly questioned about the viability of their business models. But they were unjustly pilloried for causing global warming.

Back home here in Michigan, their employees have been weathering the latest in a string of brutal winters. In 2002, state capital Lansing recorded its coldest December since 1869. Two years ago, Grand Rapids set a record — on October 12 – for the earliest snowfall in the 121 years that temperature data had been kept. And after more unusually early snow squalls this fall, Detroit temperatures plummeted to five below this weekend — 27 degrees below normal — with wind-chill at 39 degrees below zero.   

Meanwhile, the president-elect of the United States just appointed a radical climate alarmist as his chief science adviser and movie theaters are featuring The Day the Earth Stood Still about man’s destruction of the planet with greenhouse gas emissions (among other things).

Have America’s elites ever embraced a political movement so out of touch with reality? Though many of the following truths have appeared on Planet Gore (while being almost completely ignored even by the Detroit Three’s own hometown media), assembled together they make a powerful case.

To review:

– Michigan’s official state climatologist, Michigan State’s Jeffrey Andresen, says climate data shows “Michigan has become warmer over the last three decades, but the temperatures now are still within the range of the natural variability that we’ve observed over the last 100 or 120 years.” Furthermore, he has “not seen any evidence of a change in the frequency of extremes” in direct contradiction of claims by alarmists.

– The world’s most recognized scientific proponent of global warming theory, NASA climatologist James Hansen, advocated vandalism against carbon industries in a London courtroom this year.

– Satellite data shows no increase in global temperatures for a decade.

– In an academic presentation this October, Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC, falsified data in a chart indicating that average global temperatures have climbed sharply.

– Over 650 international scientists, including many current and former IPCC scientists, have challenged the “consensus” claim of man-made global warming made by the IPCC.

– Media reports routinely claim that the ten warmest years on record have occurred since 1996. This data, however, was compiled by the same NASA scientist, Mr. Hansen, who has advocated vandalism and has since been proven incorrect. Revised data show that the ten warmest years are, in descending order: 1934, 1998, 1921, 2006, 1931, 1999, 1953, 1990, 1938 and 1939.

– A panel of six Nobel-laureate economists found that — even if it were verifiable — global warming ranks at the bottom of a list of 17 global priorities, with AIDS and malnutrition rated tops among problems that have economically feasible solutions

No wonder advocates of global-warming intervention demonize faceless corporations and punish them through opaque government regulations like CAFE. Making their case in the clear light of day would expose them as frauds.


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