Getting a Lecture on Patriotism


Governor Granholm of Michigan:

“Having a strong manufacturing sector in the United States seemed to mean nothing to those who claim to be patriotic Americans,” she said. “Those who have largely foreign investments were voting to actually hurt the American manufacturers and American workers.”

Those who voted against the GM and Chrysler bailout funds aren’t patriotic? 

Here’s a list of Democrats who “claim to be patriotic Americans”:

Democrats No

Baucus, Mont.; Lincoln, Ark.; Reid, Nev.; Tester, Mont.

Democrats Not Voting

Biden, Del.; Kennedy, Mass.; Kerry, Mass.; Wyden, Ore.

I’m no Congressional expert, but if the motion needed 60 votes to pass and 8 un-patriotic Democrats either voted “no” or didn’t show and 52 senators did vote for the motion, doesn’t that equal 60?

As for Senator Kennedy, assuming he couldn’t make the vote for health reasons, the 60th vote could have been former Senator Barack Obama, which is a pretty good argument for why the Earth-healer should have stayed in the Senate longer than he did.

Of course, there is no guarantee he wouldn’t have voted “present.”


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