Strong Enough


I have seen several claims like this one — arguing that Sen. Obama’s meeting with Al Gore on Tuesday was part of a process to bring Gore formally on board the Obama administration as head of EPA, the Department of Energy, or “climate czar.” To my mind, the notion is absurd — if only because Al Gore would not subject himself to a Senate confirmation grilling. It’s even less likely that he would he divest himself or divert himself from the active pursuit of investments that would flourish under a climate czar’s agenda — which, to my jaded eye, appears to be the driving force behind his Fear, Inc.

Which raises an analogy: Al Gore is our Maurice Strong – the man whose many famous statements include, aptly, “[I am] a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology.” Like Strong, Gore bangs the drum of catastrophe while maximizing his unofficial position as roving enviro-guru to profit from the privilege. I see someone has already noted certain similarities.


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