Eco-Tourists Destroying the Environment


No doubt on an expedition to Antarctica to witness the destruction of the environment by people less conscientious than themselves (who cares about the odd fuel leak when your heart is in the right place?):

A  cruise ship carrying 122 people was stranded Thursday on the coast of Antarctica after striking ice, officials said, officials said.

Mariano Memolli of the Argentina Antarctic Directorate told Argentina’s TodoNoticias (TN) Television a naval boat and plane were dispatched to evacuate the passengers of the Ushuaia, as a precaution.

The ship, carrying 89 passengers and 33 crew members, was losing fuel and taking on water but was not in danger of sinking, Television C5N reported.

Adm. Daniel Martin, head of the naval base in Ushuaia, Argentina, where a call for help was received from the ship, said the passengers were “in a perfect state of health,” and were awaiting the arrival of the Atlantic Dream, a nearby cruise ship, C5N said.


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