Unsquashed Dissent


A few weeks ago, Drew Thornley excerpted a Daily Express interview with former BBC presenter David Bellamy in which he described the nasty consequences of his decision to voice his heterodox views on global warming and other green doctrines.

His interview there with Helen Dowd has now been adapted as a Bellamy-bylined piece in News Corp’s The Australian.

Which is only interesting because News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch has been on the global-warming bandwagon for a few years now. Now, Mr. Murdoch is of course not monitoring every page of every one of his many papers — but it often happens that editorial decision-makers keep in mind the boss’s views when presented with a dissenting voice. So it’s encouraging that the Bellamy item didn’t wind up on the kill pile.

As the cool has set in, maybe the kool-aid has worn off.


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