TrendWatch: “Blow Offsets”


Yes, that’s surely a niche market just around the corner, reading the following dispatch from today’s E&E Daily – which isn’t an Onion spoof (I double-checked).

BRITAIN: Colombia’s vice president accused Britain’s middle class of destroying rainforests and the environment by using cocaine even though they recycle, use cloth bags, drive hybrid cars and care about the environment. Francisco Santos said four square meters (4.8 square yards) of rainforest are cleared for every gram of cocaine produced, and 2.2 million hectares (5.44 million acres) of Colombian tropical forest have been cut down to make way for coca in the last 20 years. Britain has the highest cocaine-use rate in Europe, with 7.7 percent using last year. Santos hops his “using cocaine destroys the environment” message will resonate with Britain, whose recycling rates have jumped in recent years (Meera Selva, AP/San Francisco Chronicle).

After all, we know that the bossiest enviro-nags are not about to reduce their own consumption of whatever they claim is killing the planet when you do it – but instead invent ways to buy their guilt off for a few sous. Still, if any of the other reasons for not using cocaine haven’t hit a nerve with its market, does anyone really think that “it’s destroying the environment” will resonate with that particular crowd?


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