Recession, Meet Depression


Well, this is simply precious. Here at home, Team Obama is told that if your programs can’t pass a cost benefit analysis, get rid of the analysis: “the new president should weaken the influence of OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in regulatory decision-making, particularly in its current powers to perform cost-benefit analysis on climate” (Climate Wire [sub req'd], “TRANSITION: Obama team gets a ‘to do list’ of climate-fighting possibilities using existing laws”; [h/t to Heritage’s David Kreutzer] )

You see, given the odd resistance of a free society to do to itself what this agenda requires, we have to make do with what we have and improvise in order to impose more “environmentally friendly” (read: expensive and inefficient, bird-killing, land-grabbing and vista despoiling) methods of electricity production.

And just across the pond, those who have followed this sort of advice now are warned that “The UK is at ‘real risk’ of imminent power shortages as a result of attempts to shift to more environmentally friendly methods of electricity production, a report has warned.” 

Ours is the Age of Madness. Our new FDR has indicated he will make a top priority of the agenda that has nothing to offer but fear itself (and, now, facially absurd promises of an economic renaissance, even calling it a Green New Deal with WPA-style programs to teach slackers to change light bulbs…seriously).

Our new Lincoln will see us head back to an age of energy poverty from which our economy struggled to emerge from under the real Lincoln – the “Renewables Era.” When you find yourself reading by candlelight, huddling next to a wood fire, you’ll know this romanticism has gone too far.


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