Oregon and Electric Cars


Oregon goes with Nissan:

Carlos Ghosn, the polyglot chief executive of Renault-Nissan, said this morning that Nissan Motor Co. would bring “pure electric” vehicles to the U.S. auto market by 2010.

Addressing the L.A. Auto Show, Ghosn said that he had signed an agreement with Oregon to deliver electric vehicles to the state and that the state’s governor would be seeking to replace a $1,500 hybrid vehicle tax credit with a $5,000 credit for all-electric vehicles. The deal includes utility Portland General Electric, which will work on electric infrastructure.

Ghosn did not specify what vehicle would have the EV capacity but said the company planned to sell electric vehicles and separately lease the batteries, potentially for $100 a month. A leased battery, he explained, could easily be swapped out for a better-performing one that offered longer range, preventing the vehicle from becoming obsolete (a phenomenon familiar to legions of iPod owners). It would also ensure that the toxic batteries were not disposed of improperly.

I wonder what Oregon’s newest Democratic Senator has to say about this? And since candidate Obama hit McCain on taxpayer dollars used to buy foreign motorcycles, I assume Oregon will be in for the same criticism from the President-Elect. 

(Of note, the only Senate candidate that Obama filmed a TV ad for was Merkley in Oregon)


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