Re: Man of Science


As Ed noted above, the Texas Public Policy Foundation was honored to host Dr. Roy Spencer at a global warming policy breakfast yesterday in Houston. Dr. Spencer, principal research scientist at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, presented some of his new research findings to a packed room, all of whom left with signed copies of his New York Times best-seller, Climate Confusion. Dr. Spencer observed that the most important thing we need to know about climate is its sensitivity (i.e. positive and negative feedbacks). He demonstrated just how out of whack the IPCC climate models are when it comes to those feedbacks.

A few statistics from his presentation:

Only 39 out of every 100,000 molecules of air are CO2, and only about 5 percent of CO2 is man-made.  Furthermore, it takes 5 years to go from 39 molecules of CO2 to 40 molecules.

Nature consumes about 50 percent of our CO2 emissions.

Some 90-95 percent of the greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor and clouds.

You can see a PDF of Dr. Spencer’s presentation on our website.


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