CARB on Footprints


One leftover item from the summer . . .

Taking a page out of Hawthorne, California is publicly shaming vehicles that sin against the environment with a “scarlet number.”

Using a scale of 1 to 10, the California Air Resources Board has mandated that all vehicles will bear a global-warming label rating their CO2 emissions. The higher the score, the more earth-friendly the vehicle. Beginning January 1, the sticker will appear in all new 2009 car windows. The labels will also admonish consumers to “protect the environment, choose vehicles with higher scores.”

Naturally, CARB’s chief bolshevik, Mary Nichols, described the mandate as a win for consumer choice: “This label will arm consumers with the information they need to choose a vehicle that saves gas, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps fight smog all at once. Consumer choice is an especially powerful tool in our fight against climate change.”

The People’s Republic of New York will follow California’s example in 2010.

How much longer until individuals will bear a scarlet letter “H” denoting their purchase of a Hummer?


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