Reality Check: Biden Coal Backlash?


If Joe Biden engaged his brain before his mouth, he might remember the last time a Democratic presidential candidate unleashed an offensive against Old King Coal.


In 2000, Florida would have been a moot point if Al Gore had just carried West Virginia, a historically reliable Democratic union state. But, like Obama/Biden today, the Clinton/Gore Administration had a grudge against coal and supported a lawsuit banning so-called mountaintop mining in the Mountain Sate. The ban cast thousands of miners out of work in a state already under siege from lost coal jobs.


’’I'd still be working if it wasn’t for the mountaintop lawsuit,’’ said Dick Kembler, president of Local 2935 of the United Mine Workers, who prominently endorsed Dubya for president in 2000. ‘’This is such a close race that little places like West Virginia can settle it. Gore will be sorry because he’s an extreme environmentalist and that’s what started this problem.’’


Many of his colleagues followed suit resulting in a crucial state win for the Republican ticket.

As with his fashionable green colleague, John McCain, Sen. Biden has been marinating in DC green-speak too long. Such talk is not appreciated outside the beltway where saving jobs trumps “saving the planet.”


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