Friedman’s ET BS


From Meet the Press with Brokaw to Charlie Rose, New York Times greenie Tom Friedman has been flogging his book, Green, Flat, and Crowded about the coming Green Revolution (or Global Warming Apocalypse, whichever comes first).


As is his style, Friedman has coined a snappy phrase to describe his mission to save the planet.


“What I call ET, energy technology, is going to be the next IT (information technology), the next great industrial revolution,” he promises.


Who will get us there? Big Brother.


Government must set “the right standard, set the right regulation,” he advises. “Shape the market so it will be innovative. Everyone will kind of whine and moan for a month and then the whole ecosystem will take off.”


Funny. I don’t recall the government plan of “standards” and “regulations” that “shaped the market” that allowed IT revolutionaries like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Marc Andreessen to “take off.”

Because I don’t recall any government involvement at all.


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