Green Obama’s Gas Pander


Goracle disciple John McCain told the Detroit News last December that “we’ve got to do everything” to address global warming. Of course, that was before gas prices hit $4 a gallon and became the Number One (or Two, depending on your poll) issue in America. Suddenly, McCain was trying to do everything to keep energy prices low — including a pandering summer “gas tax holiday.”


Offended by this swerve from the righteous path, fellow Goracle disciple and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman landed on Brother John (and McCain’s odd bedfellow Hillary Clinton) with both feet.

The McCain-Clinton gas holiday proposal is a perfect example of what energy expert Peter Schwartz of Global Business Network describes as the true American energy policy today: ‘Maximize demand, minimize supply and buy the rest from the people who hate us the most,’ ” scolded Friedman in an April column. “No, no, no, we’ll just get the money by taxing Big Oil, says Mrs. Clinton. Even if you could do that, what a terrible way to spend precious tax dollars – burning it up on the way to the beach rather than on innovation?”

Fortunately, Friedman said, one green knight was still pure: “Good for Barack Obama for resisting this shameful pandering.”


Well, that didn’t last long.


Reading the polls, Democratic nominee Obama will be here in battleground state Michigan today to announce his own gas pander: A Hillaryesque windfall tax on Big Oil so that he can assist every fossil fuel-burning American with a  $1,000 gas rebate!


The Wall Street Journal rates Friedman the“#2 most influential business thinker” in America. But these days not even the true believers are listening.


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