An Epidemic of One-Sided Journalism


Per Ed’s post below on the Washington Post’s climate activism — the disease is widespread.


In Detroit last night – that’s May 28 – temperatures plunged to 39 degrees, just missing the record set in 1966 by half a degree. The Midwest is experiencing its latest spring in well over a decade, as temperatures have consistently been 15 degrees below normal.

Yet in Michigan, a manufacturing state with everything to lose from shoddy climate science, the dominant paper – the Detroit Free Press – has blacked out all of this information, even as it has provided comprehensive coverage of global-warming bills (“Landmark climate bill gains steam in the Senate,” intoned one May 18 headline) racing through Congress – and their extensive news coverage of above-average springs, Great Lakes water levels, and tornado activity which are consistently cited as evidence of warming. The paper has not even hinted at the irony of this year’s costly, global warming schemes aimed at a state shivering from cold.


Green Church doctrine must not be questioned.


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