The Obamas’ Footprint II


Per interest in Barack Obama’s airplane use, here’s more info on his oil addiction: When the Green Senator disembarks from his Secret Service-provided Chevy Suburban, he boards a Boeing 757 (sucking 1,100 gallons of fuel an hour) booked by his campaign through Air Charter (pictured below). And because his wife, Michelle, generally campaigns separately from her husband, you can add to that fuel consumption number (although, given Barack Obama’s large press contingent, she may require a smaller plane like an MD-80. The Obama campaign has a set policy against using corporate jets).

In an exhaustive review of all presidential candidates’ green lifestyles, The Washington Times this February queried the Obama campaign, which was trying perhaps a bit too hard to prove that it is living right. As Dave Barry might say, we’re not making this up: 

  •  The campaign itself doesn’t purchase offsets for its carbon gluttony, but Air Charter does.
  • The campaign uses fluorescent light bulbs, recycled copier paper, and “draws the shades on its buildings’ west, south, and east sides to reduce the need for extra air conditioning.”
  • Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor, concludes: “The campaign’s main Web site,, encourages e-mail over traditional mail to contact us, which eliminates the carbon footprint of the delivery. We use primarily electronic communications to circulate information amongst the staff and send nationwide invitations and promotional materials via e-mail, eliminating paper use and the carbon emissions associated with delivery.”

Yes, but how many pieces of toilet paper do they use?


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