Benthic Bacteria “Study” Emits a Noxious Gas


There’s a hoax going round, with a very convincing “study” that claims not only to find a link between “benthic bacteria” and temperature increases, but also has the authors say that they were intimidated into not publishing their findings.  You can see this clever piece of inventiveness here. The author(s) have even made up past contents for the fake journal.  There is no Department of Climatology at the University of Arizona, nor is there a Daniel Klein or Mandeep Gupta in the U of A directory. Neither is there an Institute of Geoclimatic Studies.

A quick whois lookup indicates that the site is registered to one David Thorpe of Powys, Wales, in the UK.  There is a David Thorpe who claims to be a “prize-winning novelist and environmental journalist” there and who runs the company to whom the site is registered.  He blogs as The Low Carbon Kid.

Congratulations to Mr Thorpe on his eye for detail and the work that must have gone in to producing such a convincing-looking study at first sight.  I’m sure he’ll fool lots of people who will find the “findings” extremely attractive, but Planet Gore is not one of them.  We are skeptics, after all…


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