Looks like LOST is losing


Fred Thompson has struck a blow against the pro-Kyoto forces and other enthusiasts of supranational environmental governance, just releasing a statement in opposition to Senate ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty and its myriad environmental and enforcement provisions (Kyoto not even possessing the latter).


Statement by Fred Thompson on Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty

McLean, VA – Senator Fred Thompson issued the following statement today on ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty:

“I oppose the ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty at this time. The Treaty threatens U.S. sovereignty and gives a U.N.-affiliated organization far too much authority over U.S. interests in international waters. The American people also deserve ironclad assurances that the problems with the treaty highlighted by President Reagan more than two decades ago have been fixed. At a time when customary international law in this area has proven sufficient, I believe the efforts of treaty proponents would be better spent reforming the United Nations. Until such re forms are complete, I see little reason for the U.S. to move forward on the Law of the Sea Treaty.”

Hopefully this will signal his supporters in the Senate to revisit the pact, whcih enjoys soft and possibly even majority support at the moment, due largely to a lack of attention. Oddly, the rest of the Republican presidential field remains reluctant to step out on an issue that a) so strongly resonates with the base by b) so plainly replicating a hallmark Reagan stance (false claims that the provisions with which he objected having been fixed, at least if his diary is any guide), and c) that even the Democrats see no margin in loudly embracing. It remains mired in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as Senator David Vitter (R-LA) seeks more hearings on the troubling provisions, pushed timidly by White House aspirant Joe Biden, and the present occupant.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell also spread the word today to activists that he opposes the pact, so it looks like this is one Legacy Team” item that is going to have to miss out, all for the better.


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