The IPCC-Gore-Green triangle


Another note on IPCC scientists being in bed with the Green movement. In at least one case, literally. Take Michigan Prof. Henry Pollack, a geologist and global warming true believer who was a 2007 IPCC report contributing author.

A scientific adviser to Gore’s Climate Project, Pollack is also married to Lana Pollack, an outspoken Michigan environmental activist and president of the left-wing Michigan Environmental Council. The two have taught a class together at the university about global warming.

“It’s a great time to be an environmentalist,” Lana told The Detroit Free Press this year. “I really believe the public has reached a tipping point in terms of concern and understanding about global warming. There’s been a big change, even in just the last year.”

A change brought about, in part, by her husband’s work for Gore’s movie and the IPCC.


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