Michigan pitch: “Green is gold”


Michigan’s current Democratic and business leadership believes that the Green religion is the answer to its economic troubles – and a post-auto future. The state- via a quasi-public organization called the Michigan Economic Development Cooperation – has launched a nationwide ad series featuring star actor (and Michigan resident) Jeff Daniels that touts the state’s “upper hand” in advanced green technologies. The theme echoes national calls for a green-based economy from Gore, Thomas Friedman, and Congressional Democrats.

“Michigan is green,” says Daniels in one spot, “And green is gold.”

The developing markets Daniels cites, however – solar cells, auto batteries, windmills – are heavily dependent on government subsidies for their existence. That is not only shaky ground on which to build a state’s future – but a limited one at that.

Henry Ford, after all, didn’t start an auto company because he saw an opportunity for government subsidy.


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