EcoFreako: An answer to Gore’s ‘Live Earth’


Inspired by Al Gore’s Live Earth concerts, my twin brother “Butch” Spencer and some aging hippie-rockers have formed a band called EcoFreako.  Their first two songs, dedicated to Mr. Gore, are posted at the band’s new website, below.

According to Butch, “Man, these young global warming punks don’t know nothin’ about planetary emergencies.  Back in the day, man, we hippies OWNED planetary destruction…after all, who can forget Zager and Evan’s ‘In the Year 2525′?  And what about “Eve of Destruction’? So, now we’re gonna help raise awareness about the ozone holes, drowning polar bears, and all the rest.”

Butch says they have about a dozen songs in the works.  No karaoke tracks, I’m told; these are 6 real rockin’ guys who care…and their brains are only partially fried.  I suggest you download the songs before Butch figures out how to sell them for $0.99 each.


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