Live Earth revisited


Al Gore’s pretentious, forgettable Live Earth event is old news, but a rerun of the global concert on cable this weekend was a reminder of the Green movement’s bizarre mix of jet-setter hypocrisy and pre-industrial nostalgia.

Between sets of Lenny Kravitz in Brazil and Kanye West in New Jersey, a Live Earth “short film” told of climate “Crisis #4: Aviation.” A black screen somberly noted that “air travel has risen 40 percent in the last ten years,” before a graphic ominously illustrated how much carbon that “crisis” has pumped into the atmosphere.

The spot concluded with a “what you can do” message, telling viewers to “only travel when you need to” and “vacation close to home.”


The rock stars and concert organizers jetting across stages on seven different continents must have missed that message.


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