What’s next? Average 32 waist pants?


All the legalese of Thursday’s news stories couldn’t obscure the absurd verdict of a Vermont federal judge ruling that all vehicles automakers sell in 12 states (including California and most northeast states) by the year 2016 will have to average 43 mpg.

What’s next, judges upholding mandates for “average” size 32 pants? Size four dresses? 1,500 square foot homes?

The opinion affirms rules drafted by spineless politicians who fear the spotlight of taxing consumer buying behavior and instead afflict backdoor restrictions on companies’ products. Meaningful action to reduce fuel consumption would mean increasing the price of gas to $7 a gallon. That’s where European prices hover – a cost that has made fuel conservation a consumer priority with a resulting average vehicle fuel consumption of 40 mpg (at $3 a gallon gas, U.S. vehicles average about 25 mpg).


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