MPG mandate cost: 1,000 jobs


America suffered a casualty in the Green war on industry Tuesday when Chrysler announced that new Washington mpg mandates have helped force the cancellation of the Chrysler Imperial – an upscale sedan that would have competed against the Lexus LS430 and the BMW 7-series.

Unlike its competitors, Chrysler is heavily reliant on large vehicles sales, so proposed Democratic legislation forcing automakers to average 35 mpg over their entire fleet by 2020 hits Chrysler particularly hard – and makes it difficult for the manufacturer to introduce any new, large vehicle.

It is environmentalist mantra that going green will grow the economy, but Chrysler’s announcement is brutal evidence to the contrary. A model like the Imperial, originally planned for 2009, would add another shift to one of Chrysler shifts – or 1,000 jobs.

That’s 1,000 jobs allegedly “pro-worker” Democrats just kissed goodbye.


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