Young Gore’s hybrid


You can’t make this stuff up. As Kathryn’s notes in her post on Al Gore III being stopped for drunk-driving only days before the old man’s big Live Earth gig, Reuters finds it notable that Gore Jr. was driving a hybrid Prius.

So even as Gore was being arrested for driving high on marijuana and endangering the lives of others, he was tackling “a moral threat,” (Dad’s words) global warming. Talk about needing a little perspective.

It’s worth noting that Gore was driving at 100 mph when stopped by police. The much-ballyhooed Prius claims 61 mpg in city driving (EPA figure) which is proven bunkum. Real world tests put its city mileage at a still impressive 50 – but only 42 mpg on the highway (poor compared to comparable diesels) where the batteries’ juice drains quickly and the car runs mostly on its gas engine.

At 100 mph, needless to say, the Prius is sucking down some serious fossil fuel.


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