Close targets Dingell

Text has taken out radio ads here in Michigan to attack octogenarian – and fellow Democrat – John Dingell as a dinosaur for blocking new Washington fuel economy rules (activists are also donning dinosaur costumes and picketing the congressman’s office with “Dingellsaurus” signs – and I thought lefties were opposed to ageism).  


Here’s an excerpt from the ad featuring a father and son discussing a dinosaur picture book:


Father: And this one?

Billy: I don’t know. 

Father: It’s a Dingell-saurus.

Billy:  A what?

Father: A Dingellsaurus.  Someone who’s been in Congress so long, he forgets about the people who sent him there. 

Billy: Are there any around today?

Father: Our own Congressman John Dingell. He’s standing in the way of the first energy bill ever that would really combat global warming.  It would also help the auto companies in the long run and that means more jobs.

Billy: Is a Dingellsaurus dangerous? Father: Very.  Because if the Dingellsaurus gets his way, we could all be extinct.


Those stupid auto companies. Don’t they  understand that the fuel economy regulations they are currently lobbying against are designed to make them rich?


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