Destry Rides From Prague


Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, writes a global-warming editorial in the pages of the Financial Times, which is probably the biggest global-warming cheerleader of any major paper in the Anglosphere, with the title: “What is at risk is not the climate but freedom” Wow…just, wow.

He suggests the following:

· Small climate changes do not demand far-reaching restrictive measures

· Any suppression of freedom and democracy should be avoided

· Instead of organising people from above, let us allow everyone to live as he wants

· Let us resist the politicisation of science and oppose the term “scientific consensus”, which is always achieved only by a loud minority, never by a silent majority

· Instead of speaking about “the environment”, let us be attentive to it in our personal behaviour

· Let us be humble but confident in the spontaneous evolution of human society

· Let us trust its rationality and not try to slow it down or divert it in any direction

· Let us not scare ourselves with catastrophic forecasts, or use them to defend and promote irrational interventions in human lives.


I guess when you’ve faced down the Soviet empire while armed with basically a pea-shooter, a bunch of assistant editors of a newspaper don’t seem very intimidating.


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