It’s Like An Addiction With Me


I guess one of the prices to be paid for not being cool is that I just can’t help but point out the insane hypocrisy of celebrity bores getting on my back about how I live.

In a recent interview, noted humanitarian Leonardo DiCaprio was asked about how he squares his global warming moviemaking with flying in private jets. His reply: “Dude, give me a break, don’t you understand the long-term impact on my per-movie take of having a cause? Leo D is a brand. I mean this is worth like a quarter-point to me”.

No, he didn’t say that, but he did say: “I try to travel commercial as much as I can”. As much as he can. I guess he’s gotten over those self-esteem problems. I mean what kind of life-or-death emergency is this guy dealing with that he absolutely, positively must get onto a private jet to get there.


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