They’re Renaming the Team the Atlanta Chickens


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today has an article that showcases the hard-nosed investigative skills of it reporting team. They report uncritically on a recently-published NASA study that projects temperatures in the Eastern US will rise (oh sorry, could rise – you know, like in physics when we say if I drop this ball, its rate of descent could be governed by F = MA) as much as 10 degrees by 2080.

The crack reporters failed to observe that the regional downscaling model that this research team used fails even to skillfully simulate recent climate and purports to predict climate decades into the future.

This doesn’t require a PhD in climate science. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch managed to apply the advanced journalistic technique of interviewing people and said that, “The study got mixed reviews from other climate scientists, in part because the eastern United States has recently been wetter and cooler than forecast.” And quoted one of them: “A top U.S. climate modeler, Jerry Mahlman, criticized the study as not matching models up correctly and “just sort of whistling in the dark a little bit.”

A detailed analysis of this research paper is provided at Roger Pielke Sr.’s Research Group Weblog.


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