Do As I Say


In an earlier post, I pointed out one example of a presentation of the Al Gore version of the global warming issue to students; it seemed to me that this was just one example of the kind political indoctrination presentations on this topic that are going on every day in the US.


Little did I know – it turns out that Al Gore has sponsored The Climate Project, a program that has trained 1,000 people to act as his proxies in retailing his point of view throughout America.


On the organization’s website is a glowing description of the trainees and program. My favorite part of the scene its paints is this (boldface added):



“When Gore does invite the crowd over to say hello, he’s besieged. Later, when he’s giving the trainees their final pep talk, the normally noisy ballroom is so quiet you can hear the hum of the air conditioner. If An Inconvenient Truth portrayed Gore as a lonely eco-warrior, he now has a willing army.”


Just like when I went to a recent Salvation Army meeting and the room was so quiet that I could hear the sound of the craps game going on in the back.

You know, if you really are so convinced that the world is on the brink of total devastation, would it would be way too much to think that you would be willing to be uncomfortable while be trained to help avert it?

Like the presentations these folks are going out to do, this is a pretty silly thing, but it does illustrate the fundamental unseriousness of this whole “movement”.


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