Some Pigs Are Somewhat More Equal Than Others


Sheryl Crow has painted her recent tour to promote her career awareness of global warming as a light-hearted jaunt on an eco-friendly bus with her pals.


This website has gotten a copy of the rider for her performance contract that specifies that at each performance the venue will provide her entourage with parking for three tractor trailers, four buses and six cars. That’s quite a carbon footprint.


Apropos of nothing it also specifies that she will be provided with 12 bottles of Grolsch beer, 6 bottles of “local” beer, and a bottle each of “good Australian Cabernet” and “good Merlot.” In addition, depending on the day of the week different hard liquor is also to be provided. For example, on Monday it’s one bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon. That’s on a Monday. Kind of makes me see the altercation with Karl Rove in a different light.


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