Barbara Boxer’ Contribution to Global Warming: Hot Air


Barbara Boxer presented a long speech on global warming yesterday. It had all of the rigor that we have learned to expect from the good Senator.

She “has a vision” that the US should “reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050”. Lotsa luck on that one. Is it conceivable that she’s even thought through the economic implications of this? Or is this a statement that we’re all supposed to know isn’t to be taken seriously?

Luckily, she has a plan for doing this. Here it is: “First, we must become far more energy efficient. This saves money, makes us more competitive, and reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Sounds great. I’ve got a plan to help. First, we must invent a perpetual motion machine, and then we figure out a way to halve the gravitational constant.


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