The MSM reports the news!


An unusual day on Planet Media.

As Kathryn notes below, a study finding that global warming may actually reduce hurricanes has been picked up – not just on Drudge – but across the media landscape. Reuters, the Miami Herald, and Detroit news radio are all running the story.

Like William Broad’s sensible NYTimes piece on climate experts’ revulsion at Gore’s movie, the hurricane story will eventually be overrun by the MSM’s Green indoctrination campaign, but it is there. One line particularly caught my eye: “Illustrating the bewildering complexity of the climate, a study found. . . .”

“Complexity” is right, and should be the news standard instead of “the consensus is.”

Also picked up today by AP and Detroit media is a study that explodes the myth of ethanol as a viable “clean” alternative. ‘’Today, there is a lot of investment in ethanol,’’ Stanford University atmospheric scientist Mark Z. Jacobson says. ‘’But we found that using E85 will cause at least as much health damage as gasoline, which already causes about 10,000 U.S. premature deaths annually from ozone and particulate matter.”


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