From Climate Change to Theory of Everything


Just in case you had forgotten the metaphysical pretensions of the climate alarmism crowd, consider David Robert’s mini-manifesto in today’s Huffington Post:

What we really need is to remake the way humanity lives on the world. We need a Second Industrial Revolution that produces more equitable distribution of resources, greater local and regional self-sufficiency, reduced terrorism, war, and conflict, and above all an immensely reduced ecological footprint.

That’s the kind of charge that can inspire a generation. That’s the kind of charge that lends itself to narrative and myth. That’s a story a generation can tell about itself. “Fight climate change” is clinical, narrow, and negative. “Remake the world” is inspiring, encompassing, and positive.

Hmm, “remake the world”? That reminds me of another “encompassing” saying, this one from Marx: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways: the point, however, is to change it.” If I recall correctly, the outcome of those inspiring words wasn’t especially positive.


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