John Travolta--Another Hollywood Hypocrite


While the media have mostly been complicit in the campaign for global warming hysteria, they’re still willing to expose hypocrites. Not a week goes by without a story of some Hollywood type that doesn’t practice what he preaches. This week it’s John Travolta . Travolta was recently in the UK to promote his movie Wild Hogs, and took the opportunity to pontificate on global warming.

As it happens, Travolta owns five planes, including a Boeing 707. He’s such a fan of flying that he named his son Jett. Just in the last twelve months, he has released an estimated 800 tons of carbon into the atmosphere. When asked about this, he explained: “I use them as a business tool though, as others do. I think it’s part of this industry – otherwise I couldn’t be here doing this and I wouldn’t be here now.” Right. Why does anyone take these people seriously?


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