The Religious Left


Oakland County, Michigan’s wealthiest county and a national political bellwether, has gone Democratic in recent presidential elections as “business Republicans” vote their concern that the Religious Right (or “fringe Christians” as Oakland executive commissioner Brook Patterson calls them) is taking over the party. But as last week’s climate hearings showcased, the Democratic Party has been co-opted by a religious interest of a different sort: the Green faith. 

Al Gore called global warming “a challenge to the moral imagination of humankind” but Rep. Jay Inslee (D- Wash.) was even more explicit on how addressing global warming is a matter of religious doctrine: 

(My constituents) believe we have moral obligation under their belief in a higher power that we have to take care of God’s garden.

If the Religious Right is in your bedroom, the Religious Left wants to be in your car, furnace room, light sockets, appliances. . . .



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